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Biztak’s Biztek and her family in New York

September 13, 2021 Comments Off on Biztak’s Biztek and her family in New York By admin

Biztiks’ story is one of a new wave of immigrant entrepreneurs, the first to enter the U.S. through legal immigration.

She came to the U, first from China, where her family lived, then to New York, where she started her business.

It’s not unusual for immigrants to move between countries, she said, but her family has been here for a long time.

Biztecka’s family has lived in Brooklyn since 2000, before moving to New Jersey to start a small business with her brother.

She said she grew up with the American Dream and was grateful for the opportunity to build a successful business.

She started with just a few clients and has since grown to more than a dozen, including one that has helped her and her siblings build a home.

Biztek’s story has been shared widely in New Jersey and throughout the country.

She was featured in a national newspaper article about how her family helped start a business and the New Jersey Business Journal reported on the story.

The story also was featured on a local news program and on Fox News.

In 2016, Bizteks’ family opened their first business, a clothing boutique called Biz Tecks in New Brunswick, N.J. “They didn’t really have much in the way of a website or a Facebook page, so I started one myself,” Bizticks said.

“That’s where it all started.

I went on Facebook and started the Facebook page for Biz Taks.

Since then, BIZTAKS has grown to include many local businesses and she’s opened a small cafe in New Britain, N

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