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The NFL’s top five picks for the 2017 season

September 22, 2021 Comments Off on The NFL’s top five picks for the 2017 season By admin

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has the league’s best record and the NFL’s best defense.

But there’s no doubt his team has a problem with the offense.

The Cowboys were supposed to have one of the league ‘s best offenses in 2017, and Prescott is no different.

Prescott’s offense, led by Dez Bryant, is ranked eighth in the NFL in points per game and third in yards per play.

But Prescott is also second to last in touchdowns per game, averaging just 2.4 per game.

Bryant and running back Ezekiel Elliott are also the league leaders in yards after the catch, averaging nearly 6 yards per catch.

Prescott has struggled to get open against defenses with more talented offensive players.

He’s averaged just 13.1 yards per attempt, and the Cowboys are just 4-8 when he’s thrown for less than 400 yards.

Bryant is also the NFL leader in catches and yards after catch.

With Bryant and Elliott and Dez out of the picture, the Cowboys will need to find a way to get Prescott some help from their running game.

They’ve got DeMarco Murray, who is tied for second in the league in rushing, behind only DeMarco Williams.

And RB Ezekiel Elliott is also tied for first in the game in rushing with just 2,500 yards.

If the Cowboys don’t find a spark behind their offensive line, they could be on the outside looking in.

But Bryant is the only offensive lineman who has been drafted in the top five overall, so it’s not like they can just pick one of those players and say, “This guy is going to play in this league.”

There have been several reports in recent weeks that the Cowboys may have interest in Arizona Cardinals running back Todd Gurley.

The team has also been linked to Atlanta Falcons offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

There’s no word yet on whether the Cowboys have made any other moves.

What are the biggest storylines in the Cowboys offense?


How will Dak Prescott’s team adjust to a new offensive system?

After the Cowboys drafted Prescott with the ninth overall pick, they knew it was going to be tough to move him around.

And now the offense is more of a work in progress.

Prescott hasn’t played with the same speed or talent in the offense since he was drafted.

But he’s done an excellent job getting into his breaks, finding holes, and making plays on the run.

He also has made big plays on passing downs.

That’s what has allowed the Cowboys to win the turnover battle so consistently.

And that’s why the Cowboys rank third in the NFC in turnover margin.


How much will Dak’s rookie quarterback be tested?

Prescott is playing with a new quarterback.

But the Cowboys haven’t had to replace him all that much, as he’s been the quarterback since Dak Prescott was drafted in 2009.

Prescott was a third-round pick, which means he had to make the 53-man roster.

He had a good first year with Dak Prescott in Dallas, and he’s got a lot of work to do.

But it’s also possible Prescott will be the starter at some point in the future.

The most important thing for Prescott is to learn the offense, get comfortable with it, and be ready to go. 3.

What should Dak Prescott be expected to do in Dallas?

Prescott’s biggest challenge will be staying healthy.

But if he stays healthy, the rookie will have a lot more time to make plays.

Prescott will need more reps in the pocket, so he’ll have to find ways to get rid of the ball quickly.

If he can do that, he’ll be able to get out of a bad play early and get the ball to the receiver, who can make a play on it or catch it.

The same goes for the run game, as the Cowboys’ offense will need Prescott to make those plays with his legs and accuracy.

He’ll have the opportunity to improve his accuracy with better throws.

The problem for Prescott will come with his decision-making.

He can be too quick with his throws, especially when he doesn’t have to be.

But that will come in time.


What does it mean for Dak Prescott?

Prescott won’t be the first quarterback drafted in this year’s draft to go from a rookie to a starter.

Last year’s rookie, Trent Richardson, went from an undrafted free agent to a starting quarterback in four games.

He was one of only two rookies to start in every game.

It’s too soon to say if this will be a similar story for Prescott, but it could be a big change in how the Cowboys evaluate their young players.

The biggest thing to watch for is how the rookie performs in his first game as a starter in Dallas.

Will he be a difference-maker in the regular season?

That’s the biggest question for Prescott.

The rookie has a lot to learn about how to play with this offense, but there’s still

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How to use the local web to build a blog

July 1, 2021 Comments Off on How to use the local web to build a blog By admin

This article is a part of our series of local blog building tips.

The first of our posts focuses on building a local blog from scratch.

The next two articles cover how to add and remove tags, add a page to a blog, create a custom template, add an image gallery, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about local web development, click here to read our post on Local Web Development and here to learn about the WordPress local blog theme.